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Photo Gallery: Pentecost 2007 Photo Gallery: Pentecost 2007

Pentecost 2007
Bernie and Kathy H
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Rev. Dan greets Wilma
Viewed 2807 times
Nel and Nancy in Pentecost Red
Viewed 2884 times
Margaret is wearing her red!
Viewed 2928 times
Keith wearing red
Ready for Pentecost and Memorial Day
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Bonnie after the service
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Dan preaches on Pentecost
Sermon "On Earth - Wind and Fire!"
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Dan giving Offertory Meditation
Viewed 2971 times
Choir sings on Pentecost
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Wayne appreicates the chancel decorations
Viewed 2952 times
Chancel decorated for Pentecost
The red, yellow and orange was a great accent!
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Studying the FOF Survey Results
My...we DO look studious!
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Bonnie discusses a point
Viewed 2929 times
More discussion of FOF Survey results
Viewed 2878 times
Discussing the FOF Survey Results
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