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Photo Gallery: "Faith on Fire" Conference on the Present Photo Gallery: "Faith on Fire" Conference on the Present

"Faith on Fire" Conference on the Present
The "Yellow Team" at work
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Wayne contemplates the questions
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Sherry plays
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Scott sings
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The "Purple Team"
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Nancy and Kathy hard at work
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Lunch Break!
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Listening attentively
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Kathy and Janet make last minute preparations
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Janie answers the questions
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"Fired Up for Faith" Wristbands
Handed out as a reminder to pray for the church and the process.  More are available for those who were not able to attend.  Get "Fired up for Faith" - get your wristband this Sunday!
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Discussing the findings of Exercise 1
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Dennis sings
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Dan discusses our "Top 3"
Based on discussion, the three areas we need to focus on as a congregation are SPIRITUAL GIFTS, MISSION and VISION.

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Dan discusses results of first exercise
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