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Communication Team Meeting Minutes Communication Team Meeting Minutes

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Communication Team Meeting Minutes

Posted on Tue, Feb 26, 2008

26 FEB 2008

Faith Christian Church
Communication Team Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2008 6:30PM
Attendees: Dan Webster
 Janet Southall
 Nancy Reppond
 Tommy Loser
 Phyllis Southall
 Bonnie Barrett
 Nancy Harbison
Doug Southall
Meeting called to order at 6:30PM
1. Website – everyone agrees website is managed well, info kept up-to-date and lots of photos. D. Southall indicated he was going to archive some of the older photographs to keep the main photos page less cluttered.
2. E-mail Communication – Everyone agreed that constant e-mail communication was good. Recent use of graphic images also received positive review. It was also mentioned that consistency of graphics from web to e-mail to posters to Sunday Powerpoints is a good reminder.
3. Phone – all reviews of CallingPost service positive.
4. Electronic Sign – general discussion centered around using it more for topical postings and also using the hooks underneath for seasonally appropriate banners.
5. Postings/bulletin boards – see below.
6. Business Cards – D. Southall will follow up on getting cards made. Design was created and approved by FOF team last year, but printing never happened.
Walking Tour of Building
 Outdoors-Main Entrance
· Overall our signage is very good, though we could use some light on the parking lot entrance sign by the west drive.
· The entrance could use some “softening” particularly in the form of landscaping to the left of the main entrance.
Hallway inside main entrance
· It was mentioned that the sanctuary building committee plaque to the right of the main door is not relevant and could possibly be relocated to make space for art/banner.
· Suggestion made that old communion table used for information center just inside entrance is too deep and should possibly be replaced with a table that is longer, not as deep.
· Suggestion also made to acquire an upright literature rack for Upper Room display.
· Painting from old McLemore building needs to be move to protect it from further sun damage, could make way for bulletin board/information center
Lobby area
· Furniture and arrangement makes it look “comfortable”
· Color scheme “monochromatic”
· Age/type of artwork suggests “no young people come here”
· Suggestion made to address color scheme and artwork issue by using additional art pieces, rotating
· Need to be sensitive to history/feelings related to existing artwork
Bulletin boards
· No titles to indicate content, attract attention
· Could benefit from color/borders
· Suggestion made to move glass-covered board to area near entrance for information center
· Suggestion made to put a new bulletin board near main entrance for information center
· Question raised about using tri-fold created after last meeting. Janet suggested it looked “amateurish”.
No next meeting date/time set.
March of Dimes display dismantled and west wall of lobby returned to the way it was.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45PM.
   Discussion: Communication Team Meeting Minutes
Doug Southall · 14 years, 1 month ago
Hmmm...none of those suggested changes got made. I suggest next time assigning someone to each action item to see it through with a firm date for completion.

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