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Lent/Easter 2008 Feedback Results Lent/Easter 2008 Feedback Results

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Lent/Easter 2008 Feedback Results

Posted on Tue, Jul 15, 2008



Based on the 14 folks who completed the survey:

  • 11 attended Ash Wednesday
  • 13 attended Palm Sunday
  • 13 attended Maundy Thursday
  • 9 attended Good Friday
  • 13 attended Easter Sunday


Attendees ranked as their favorite:

  1. Maundy Thursday (9)
  2. Good Friday (3)
  3. Ash Wednesday (2)


Attendees ranked their least favorite:

  1. Ash Wednesday (9)
  2. Good Friday (2)
  3. Palm Sunday (2)
  4. Easter Sunday (1)


Things respondents would like to see MORE OF:


  • Experiential worship like the one held on Maundy Thursday.  Worship events that involve multiple members of the congregation in telling the story, and events that put the congregation close to - if not in - the action.


  • The opportunities for participation in worship, and the interactive nature of the Lent/Holy Week services were very powerful for me.  I was engaged fully in the worship experience.  I particularly liked the thoughtful way the worship areas (whether for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, or Good Friday) were prepared; this really set the tone for the service(s) and helped me to engage more deeply into the services.


  • I like a variety of worship styles, so just about anything that's not the same old same old is good. I like having some things in the FH, in the lobby, and even in the yard! I like the staging and the multi-sensory approach to worship. I like peppy music when it's appropriate, and solemn music when IT'S appropriate. I would like to see more contemporary music, though personally I do not prefer the repetitious kind. I loved the Calypso-beat music on Easter!
  • Multisensory Services


  • I would like to see more fellowship, such as a congregational meal before the Ash Wednesday service.  Also an early service (sunrise) on Easter Sunday.


  • I loved the creativity and drama.


  • More "skits" or portrayals where church members are included.


  • quiet meditative experiences


Things respondents would like to see LESS OF:


  • Just a note here to say that I really didn't have a "least favorite" service but that wasn't an option in this questionnaire.  I didn't have any major "issues" with any of the services, but I would be interested in having some different types of music--perhaps some simple Taize-type chants that are easily learned and don't require accompaniment.


  • I prefer a celebratory worship mode, and so what I like to see less of is old school, uber-church, strict rules, and we've-always-done-it-this-wayness.  We need a tutorial for intinction and for how to serve each other communion in a circle.


  • I don't think there should be less of any thing.  I believe there should be more!


  • we thought it was all worthwhile


Ranking on scale of 1-10

  • Overall – 8
  • Use of Worship Space –8.57
  • Music – 7.79
  • Drama – 8.07


Other Comments:

  • An excellent series of services.  Need to work on polishing what we already do well. 


  • Thank you for helping to make this Lenten journey so powerful and inspiring.


  • Note on the MT service: I felt awkward not having some kind of bulletin or paper to guide me through the service, even though we had the screen.  I don't like to sing songs I don't know extremely well without a hymnal or songbook or songsheet, because I DO follow the music.


  • I thought the entire week was wonderful.


  • First of all, I wish there had been a choice such as "not appplicable" to the questions about most meaningful & least favorite services, because I didn't have a least favorite. I enjoyed all of them, but I had to make a choice of one that was least favorite. I would have rather said that I didn't have a "least" favorite!


  • The Munday service was the best we have ever had.
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