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Pentecost 2008 Feedback Results Pentecost 2008 Feedback Results

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Pentecost 2008 Feedback Results

Posted on Tue, Jul 15, 2008



11 People Completed the Survey


Did you enjoy the experience – 11 Yes/0 No


How would you rate the music on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent?  7.64


How would you rate the special decorations for the service on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent?  8.46


Did you feel inspired by the service? – 11 Yes/0 No


The congregation was offered the opportunity to be involved in the service by using "pom-poms" or "twirlers". Did you participate? How did you feel about the congregational participation in this part of the service?


2 No, 2 No Response, Specific responses below


  • No as I was running the PowerPoint but I did like the other folks taking part.
  • Yes! I made the Banner and helped with some of the other decorations. From all the feed back I received it was very positive.
  • Yes, I liked the feeling of taking an active part in contributing to the mood.
  • No response.
  • Yes, I participated.......I'm not sure some of the older members understood what they should do if the "sprit" moved them.
  • Yes I did - I loved it
  • Yes--I thought it led to an increased sense of involvement and a dynamic worship environment.
  • No response
  • Yes -- I thought it was a great opportunity for everyone to take part.
  • Yes, I participated. I felt a little bit awkward at first because I've never done anything but sit quietly in my pew, but after the initial hesitation, I just joined in the fun & celebration. I think it's good for us to try different things and for the congregation to participate more often.
  • Yes -- It was a great idea!


Based on the elements in the service, what would you like to see more of in future services?


  • More special decorations, more use of recorded music and more audience participation (as with the pom-poms, twirlers, and of course the opportunity for everyone to jump in chanting "Come, Holy Spirit!"
  • More of the same!!! I think we should do the same for all holidays and special 'church' days.
  • Lively music. Communion by intinction. Sound effects. Audience participation.
  • No response
  • I enjoy stepping out of a rigid service format. We need to vary our services from time to time. Why not a service singing the old hymns. or an inspirational reading on occasion.
  • I love the fact that youth is involved. However, more time needs to be put into the preparation for that.
  • Worship center settings that focus on the themes for particular Sundays (especially for special church days/seasons) or themes that arise from the lectionary readings. These elements could include items from nature, candles, use of color and cloth, art works, etc.
  • No response
  • Yes, I thought it was inspiring. A bit of change in the worship "lineup" and I enjoyed Mary Ann! The decorations really gave the service "umph"!
  • More congregational participation, more new music, more inspirational decorations/visual effects.
  • Congregational interaction -- decorations


Also based on the elements in the service, what would you like to see less of in future services?


  • 9 people gave no response
  • Absolutely nothing.
  • Songs with no written music to follow, unless we learn them somehow beforehand. I DO read the music to know what notes to sing!


How do you feel about communion by intinction? Should we do it:

  • On a regular basis – 4
  • On special occasions – 7
  • Never - 0


Do you have any other feedback you'd like to share about the service?


  • Not every element came off exactly as planned, but looking at the service as a while I think it was great. I'm already thinking about ideas for next year!
  • I prefer to experience worship as celebration. I know some people prefer a more solemn worship model. We should alternate and mix up the way we plan out worship services so that everyone gets something they like most of the time.
  • Your questions above need more than a "yes" and "no" answer. I think "enjoyed" is too strong a description and was I "inspired". The service was fine, I like change on occasion and while I was moved by parts of the service, I really didn't feel "inspired". Some of the canned music was not easy to understand. If MaryAnn is going to celebrate by "dance", she needs to get over her timidity and perform.....she gave the impression that she really didn't want to be doing the dance.
  • As an elder serving communion by intinction - it was a very intimate experience for me. I loved it.
  • I liked the "call-and-response" chanting that opened the service--it seemed to inspire people to join in and spread the spirit.
  • In my opinion, it was inspirational and I thought the group who worked together in the meetings and decorating received a special blessing. It was wonderful fellowship.
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