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Save Campbell's Labels for the NBA Woodhaven Home! Save Campbell's Labels for the NBA Woodhaven Home!


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Save Campbell's Labels for the NBA Woodhaven Home!

Posted on Sat, Jan 5, 2008

Clip the UPC Code on lots of products to help Woodhaven

Campbell's Soup Labels

For over 20 years, NBA Woodhaven has been a participant in the Campbell 's Soup Labels-for-Education program. We receive labels from churches, Christian Women's Fellowship groups and individuals from all over the country. We have used the labels to "purchase" 15-passenger vans, which we can convert to be wheelchair accessible. We have received four vans from the Campbell 's program through the years, which were used to take our special men and women to their jobs, church, shopping, and other community outings.

We recently found out that Campbell 's Soup is no longer offering the 15-passenger van. However, we continue to participate in the program to earn other items that will enrich the lives of the men and women we serve, and to continue to nurture the special relationship with our church family that the Campbell's Soup Label program fosters, keeping NBA Woodhaven in the prayers of all those who send labels.

Now that we are no longer saving our Campbell 's Soup Labels for a new 15-passenger van, we have made some "purchases" to help our men and women work on various physical and social skills. We would not have been able to get these items without the churches, CWF groups and individuals who make up our "souper" team. So far, we have received from Campbell 's several computers, many craft supplies, throwing rings, a projector and a karaoke machine!

Many people have also asked whether we are still collecting the Best Choice UPC barcodes. The answer is yes. We use the money we receive from the Best Choice program to maintain the vehicles we already have, especially the lift equipment in our handicap accessible vans. This is very important because the safety of our individuals depends on these vehicles working properly.

As you can see, we are finding many great items to get with the labels we receive from our wonderful friends all over the country. Our main criterion for choosing the items is how they will benefit the men and women in our care. Watch for more updates; we're planning other purchases soon. Our goal is to collect 250,000 labels in 2006, so keep those Campbell 's Soup Labels and Best Choice UPC barcodes coming. Thanks for your "souper" effort! We could not participate in these valuable programs without your support.

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